OlayIT™ ‘s mission is to make healthcare innovation adoption easier and faster at healthcare organizations. Through its global web-based interface, OlayIT™ strategically markets and connects healthcare technologies with manufacturers to healthcare organizations.

The future of medical care is bright as we continue to discover new advances.  OlayIT™  wants to be a player to revolutionize medicine.

Founder and CEO Iredia Olaye

Founder and CEO Iredia Olaye

I welcome you to join us in this journey to increase the amount of healthcare innovations purchased and implemented to help patients worldwide live longer, healthier, and more productive lives. Please join our mailing list at www.olayithealth.com

To what do you attribute your success?

 I attribute my success to my faith in God and in myself. I possess a burning desire to use my knowledge and degrees to impact the lives of others with a meaningful and innovative approach.  Iredia, my name, means I am on this earth to stay and give to the world.  My name and the honor that accompanies demands that my company genuinely align with my personal values.  The pure and authentic motivations that encouraged the birth of OlayIT contribute daily to its overall success.


What made you choose your current location?

Waukegan is between two healthcare technology Meccas, Madison WI and Chicago IL.  It is the perfect location to target our future consumers.


Who is your favorite entrepreneur?

Sundar Pichai is my favorite entrepreneur because he challenges the typical profile and persona of tech leaders. He remains incognito for the most part but has impacted Google since 2004 and continues to lead successfully. He is leading the growth of this domain within the construct of Alphabet, a company brilliant in its own right.