Lake Forest College, the GWDC, and Waukegan Main Street (WMS) will be teaming up during the Spring Semester to conduct surveys and look at strategies for how to better market the downtown to potential businesses and visitors around the area. The project is part of a new effort by the College to provide students an opportunity to learn what consulting is really like first hand while working with real businesses.  Check out the full course description for ENT 365: Strategic Small Business Consulting.

With the assistance of the student groups, the GWDC and WMS will look to gain a better understanding of the local market to attract the community and businesses downtown.  Primary data will be developed through surveys and secondary data will be examined as well in an effort to learn what the numbers are telling us in terms of opportunities that are available.  The recent Downtown Retail Snapshot is one example of secondary data the teams will use in their work.

What do you think more people in the community should know about the downtown?  Let us know in the comments.