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The Greater Waukegan Development Coalition (GWDC) in Waukegan, Ilinois is seeking proposals from individual contractors and/or firms who can provide remote nonprofit accounting services.
Who we are: The Greater Waukegan Development Coalition is a community development organization that fosters economic development in economically challenged communities. Because research has found that no one initiative or program can revitalize a community on its own, GWDC focuses on holistic economic and community development grounded in the values and resources of each community.

Our vision: To inspire the community both economically and culturally while helping build the next generation of leaders.

GWDC has been in existence since 2012 and is currently in a period of growth. It is adding new grants, launching new programs, hiring additional staff, and working to improve bookkeeping and accounting practices in order to be compliant with the requirements of our different funders.

GWDC currently has approximately 5 staff members, as well as a number of volunteers. The organization does not currently have an executive director; therefore, oversight tasks are handled by board members.

Finance highlights from the 2020-21 fiscal year include the following:
● Total annual revenue of $281,770.
● Total annual expenses of $132,279.
● Net annual revenue of $149,491.
● Ending fund balance of -$709,185.
● Approximately 45 transactions per month on the expense side
● Approximately 7 transactions per month on the revenue side
● Number of employees: 5
● Frequency of payroll: twice a month (note: payroll is run by payroll processor Gusto (which also handles payroll taxes). 1
● Number of bank accounts: 7
● Payment platforms: 1
● Bookkeeping software: Quickbooks Online
  1. One-Time Project: Finalize 2021-22 fiscal year.

    • Complete three months of reconciliations: Complete bank reconciliations for March- June. (Reconciliations for July 2021 through February 2022 have already been completed.)

    • Audit preparation: Review the 2021-22 fiscal year (July 2021 – June 2022), correct any identified errors, ensure the proper back-up information is available, and support the organization in preparing for an audit.

    • 990 Submission: Submit 2021-2022 990 based on audited financials. GWDC’s 990 is due Nov 15, 2022.

    • Work with organizational leaders to review current bookkeeping practices an identify areas of improvement.

  2. Recurring Projects: These projects will recur regularly throughout the year.

a. Bookkeeping Training: GWDC seeks support in training an onsite staff member in the following tasks.

    1. Accounts Receivable:
      • Preparing invoices.
      • Tracking invoices outstanding to ensure they are paid.
      • Receiving and recording revenue in Quickbooks Online, as dictated by

        IRS Guidelines.

      • Ensuring revenue is recorded to the correct donor and/or project.

      • Communicating with staff and board members to ensure all donors are

        appropriately acknowledged.

    2. Accounts payable:

      • Making payments to vendors.

      • Recording all expenses in Quickbooks Online (including those paid

        online, by check, or by card.)

      • Collecting receipts for all expenses.

      • Developing a way to allocate costs for expenses that must be split across


      • Preparing annual form 1099 filings.

    3. Setting up new donors, sub-donors, projects, classes, and accounts in Quickbooks Online, as needed.

    4. Ensuring revenue and expenses are allocated to the correct chart of accounts, program, and grant, as needed.

    5. Ensuring the Internal Controls established by the Board are being followed.

    6. Using recurring journal entries to allocate payroll to grants, as needed.

    7. Monthly reconciliation of all bank accounts.

    8. Develop a process for quarterly release of restricted funds.

    9. Develop a process for individual grant budget tracking in order to track spending on all grants, and work with appropriate staff member(s) to ensure grants are spent down appropriately, per their budgets.

    10. Identify areas for management review regarding process and practice to improve efficiency and ensure compliance

b. Financial Reporting

    1. Prepare Budget-to-Actuals Statement, Cash Flow Projections, and Statement of Financial Position reports six times per year, along with notes that help the board to understand these documents and the agency’s overall financial position.
    2. Answer Board questions on reports.
    3. Attend Board meetings (virtually), as needed, to present financial reports.

c. Audit Preparations and 990 Submission

    1. Support on-site bookkeeper in financial audits and reviews conducted by funding agencies, including document preparation and onsite support.
    2. Support on-site bookkeeper in preparing year end reports, schedules and other documents requested by auditor.
    3. Provide audit process support as needed; support onsite bookkeeper in researching and resolving issues as they arise.
    4. Prepare and submit organizational 990, using audited financials. If needed, submit federal and state extensions.
  • At least 3 years of nonprofit bookkeeping experience, including at least three years of experience with Quickbooks Online.

  • Experience helping other nonprofits finalize year-end bookkeeping and prepare for an audit and/or submission of 990.

  • Experience submitting a 990.

  • Excellent organizational skills; able to manage the scope of work and complete deliverables in a timely manner.

  • Self-motivated, collaborative, detail oriented, able to work effectively both within a team and in self-directed situations.

  • Strong interpersonal communication skills; able to give and receive feedback.

  • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

  • Growth mindset.

  • Competency with computers; familiarity with (or ability to learn) programs such as

    Microsoft Office Suite, G Suite, Dropbox, and Google Meet.


Qualified applicants will be considered without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, veteran status, or any other class protected by law. Applicants from diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to submit proposals.

A criminal history background check may be conducted on the individuals who will be working on the project. A criminal background will not automatically eliminate such individuals from consideration.
We seek proposals from firms or individuals who would be a third party contracted by GWDC. The initial contract will be for 1 year with an option to extend the contract annually, should both parties be in agreement about doing so.
The contractor is expected to use her/his/their own workspace and equipment, including computer, software, and phone.

Proposals must include the following elements, in order. Proposals should only be in MS Word or PDF format. Email all proposals to Jon Lothan at:

  1. Contact Information: Name, organization (if applicable), and contact information.

  2. Services Needed: Briefly describe how you will address the services listed in Section III.

  3. Experience: Briefly describe your experience with providing the services needed.

  4. Cost: Provide a cost plan for the Services Needed.

  5. Resume: Resume(s) for relevant staff.

  6. References: Name, phone number, and email contact information for two to three (2-3)

    references that can speak to your experience.

Our intent is for the proposal writing and reviewing processes to be expedient and not overly burdensome. Your brevity is appreciated.

We are more than happy to answer any questions that will help applicants better respond to the RFP or better understand our organization. If you have questions or need more information, please contact Jon Lothan, Program Analyst at Jon will work to make sure your question is answered by the appropriate staff or board member.
Please submit proposals by Monday, August 1, 2022.