The Programs

Lake County Tech Hub

Not sure where to start?

The Lake County Tech HUB provides critical mentorship to aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners in Lake County Illinois, who are trying to launch or grow a small business.

The Hub Studios

Want to take your marketing to the next level?

The HUB Studios provides a multimedia recording space for small businesses in Greater Waukegan, as well as coaching and mentoring on effective video use for business.


Aspire to connect internationally?

SelectChicago helps local businesses and economies grow through partnerships with foreign companies and capital from foreign investors in collaboration with communities in the greater Chicago region.

GWDC Celebrates

Ready to shine locally?

GWDC Celebrates is a summer series of multicultural festivals and events that bring residents together to celebrate, build community, and enjoy local downtown and waterfront spaces. Our upcoming Fiestas Lake County is a large, 3-day festival at the Lake County Fairgrounds celebrating honoring Hispanic Heritage Month and Fiestas Patrias.

Gamers Glorified

Interested in Gaming and Education at the same time?

Since we’ve notice a significant amount of our youth who are playing games at a phenomenal rate, Gamers Glorified was created. By giving our youth and young adults a social outlet where they can come together in a safe environment, Gamers Glorified community is continuing to expand. Gamers Glorified focuses not only console games but games of all aspects. We believe that having the gamers all together will also help their socialization skills and build bonds and friendship with one another. With the help and support from Waukegan Development Coalition and other businesses, Gamers Glorified will continue to expand and grow it’s gaming community.

Community Contracting Project

Do you want to grow your Business? 

The Greater Waukegan Community Contracting Initiative will work to ensure that
more contracts from large local institutions in Waukegan, North Chicago, Zion, and portions of Park City and the Village at Beach Park go to local small businesses—especially those owned by women, minorities, and people with disabilities. It will do this by:
Providing additional training and supports to local, small, disadvantaged businesses who want to bid contracts at large public and private institutions (often known as “anchor” institutions).
Supporting anchor institutions who want to shift their procurement practices to make it easier for local, small, disadvantaged businesses to bid.
Connecting local disadvantaged small businesses and anchor institutions.
The ultimate goal is to ensure that more dollars from local public projects and large
corporations and institutions stay in Greater Waukegan and benefit its residents.

Want to learn more

Connect With US

Our organization works across a variety of industries and sectors and it can sometimes get a little overwhelming

. We’re always happy to chat to see how we can best collaborate on a project or connect you with someone best suited to your  needs!

More GWDC Projects and Programs

GWDC Invests

GWDC Invests brings together banking institutions in Greater Waukegan area to help entrepreneurs and small business owners with access to funding.

GWDC Develops

GWDC Develops brings local stakeholders and developers together to re- imagine and revitalize their downtowns or other economically challenged areas.

Green World Development Center

Green World Development Center is our new initiative fostering green technologies, green building and green jobs. Spanning from local procurement training to recruiting next generation energy products from around the world to be used to reduce greenhouse emissions.